Friday, January 26, 2007

The Two Faces of Carlos Alberto Montaner (Part 1)

Last November, the Miami Herald printed an op-ed by Carlos Alberto Montaner. The piece was about the recent passing of the famous economist Milton Friedman. Montaner called Friedman "the true revolutionary," an obvious reactionary statement to those who Montaner believes are "[t]he enemies of freedom... The social engineers. The collectivists who are lovers of humanity but adversaries of individuality... Those arrogant clods who are full of certitude" and tell you how you should live your life.

Without question, Montaner had a group in mind when writing that part. But, who really is the enemy of freedom? Or, rather, who is really a defender of it?

I was surprised by Montaner's piece because, unlike Montaner, Milton Friedman, the exalted libertarian, had a very different approach to Cuba, a nation that Montaner highlights often.
(Notice that Montaner began his Friedman eulogy with an example from Cuba.)

Let's make it clear. Milton Friedman, the "true revolutionary," did not share Montaner's views on Cuba, specifically the US embargo towards Cuba (approaching the fifty year mark). No doubt, these two would agree that socialism has brought despair and destruction to the Caribbean island, but they did not agree on how "freedom" would/should come to Cuba.

So, if Milton was the "true revolutionary," then why would Montaner disagree with him on this issue?

Let's review their positions.

[Part 2]

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