Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Continued Defamation of the Bolivarian Youth (Part 2)

What was Ivan Taylor trying to say?

But, to go further, is Ivan Taylor from Telemundo51 saying that the Bolivarian Youth provoked the attack on January 19th? Clearly, from his story it seems that way. If you compare Taylor's story with others who are saying that the Bolivarian Youth are agitators, they are very similar.

The Babalu Blog yesterday presented a link to the Nuevo Accion (New Action[?]) website, where they repeat that the Bolivarian Youth are "professional agitators." This refers to an "exclusive" by Nuevo Accion by their "investigation department" presenting photos of the Bolivarian Youth with "pruebas graficas" (picture/photo evidence) of their PROFESSIONAL practice "para agitar y sembrar la subversión y el odio"(to agitate and sow subversion and hate). Notice that all of this is based on photos.

What is odd is that the photos by Nuevo Accion are not hard to come by, and no one needs an "investigation department" to find them. The Bolivarian Youth presents plenty of photos of themselves (even the SAME ONES found by Nuevo Accion's "investigation department") on their official website. And the pictures are better quality too! Furthermore, Nuevo Accion calls this "exclusive" as the "desenmascaramiento"(unmasking) of the Bolivarian Youth. Everything that follows the pictures is pure libel and defamation by Nuevo Accion, calling members of the Bolivarian Youth paid agents of other nations, and calling their attorney, Jack Lieberman, a "terrorista verbal"(verbal terrorist). So much for freedom of expression.

All these allegations are based on pictures that are already public, and which show peaceful protests.

Nevertheless, Nuevo Accion today presents Part Two of their "exclusive" on the "professional agitators", and makes calls to report these "subversions" to the federal authorities. (I guess you're supposed to make printouts of these photos and show them to the FBI because they don't have computers.)

Anyway, Ivan Taylor's story for Telemundo51 is not too far from this absurdity. He includes video ("picture evidence") of members of the Bolivarian Youth demonstrating, and engaging with opposing demonstrators at the Orange Bowl , which has NOTHING to do with the attack from Vigilia Mambisa on January 19th on Calle Ocho. Then, Ivan Taylor shows Michael Martinez, member of the Bolivarian Youth, shouting in support of Hugo Chavez, which also has NOTHING to do with the attack on the 19th, but only serves Vigilia Mambisa, Nuevo Accion, and others to defame and discriminate members of the Bolivarian Youth for their politics.

I think Ivan Taylor and Telemundo51 engaged in discrimination. Deliberate or not, its a cause for concern and such reporting should be unacceptable.

[Part 1]

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Robert said...

The pictures don't necessarily prove the provocative nature of the Boliche Youth, but this quote sure does:

el jóven Emmanuel López, el mismo que nos escribió un largo e-mail amenazándonos con que "la guerra contra el terror tiene que comenzar aquí, contra tí,contra tus reaccionarios seguidores, bla,bla,bla, etc.

You say their counter-demonstration at the Orange Bowl had nothing to do with what happened January 19th. Of course not. But that's not the point, and you know it. The point here is that the Boliches have a history of purposely showing up at rallies for the sole purpose of provoking and instigating potential violence.

They have a right to express their views. But, please don't paint them out to be innocent bystanders.