Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Continued Defamation of the Bolivarian Youth (part 1)

Ever since the video from January 19th, where members of the Bolivarian Youth are seen being attacked by members of Vigilia Mambisa, many have come out to defend the violent actions of Vigilia Mambisa and its president Miguel Saavedra.

The defamation and slander of the Bolivarian Youth is a typical strategy of discrimination and desperation, but what is fascinating is how even the local media, instead of regular hard-liners, engage in such behavior with little problem.

When Ivan Taylor from Telemundo51, local Spanish-language news, reported on the Bolivarian Youth formally pressing charges at the City of Miami police department (Jan. 23), not only did he present irrelevant issues that would not hinder the investigation of the charges, but sought to stereotype one of the members of the Bolivarian Youth. Ivan Taylor's story ends with video footage of Michael Martinez, from the Bolivarian Youth, at another counter-demonstration where opposing protesters are both engaged in shouting insults and almost physical violence. This took place last year at the Orange Bowl, during elections for the Venezuelan presidency. The video ends with Martinez yelling into the camera: "Viva [Hugo] Chavez!"

I can't say that Ivan Taylor was deliberately trying to defame Martinez, but without question Taylor sought to provide a false image of Martinez. Why didn't Ivan Taylor interview Martinez himself, like the Miami Herald's Casey Woods did? Or attempt to follow up? Why give an impression of an individual from ONE video of a protest that got ugly? I'm sure there's plenty of video of the Bolivarian Youth peacefully protesting at other places because they are very active. And, does it matter that Martinez supports Hugo Chavez?

[Part 2]

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