Monday, April 1, 2013

Yoani Sanchez Live in Miami [Updated Interviews]

If you can't make it in person, here's where you can see Yoani Sanchez in her two public appearances today in Miami.

Her first appearance will be at the Freedom Tower at 2:00 pm and streamed by Miami-Dade College. Click here to view.

Her second appearance will be at Florida International University at 7:30 pm and streamed here.

Locally, some television and radio stations will broadcast her speeches. Any recorded video and audio will later be posted here.

--- [Update] ---

Thanks to The Miami Herald for posting video of Yoani Sanchez at the Freedom Tower [update - thanks to the Generacion Asere blog and Miami Ready Studio, you can view Sanchez receive accolades from local leaders after this event]:

[English translation]

[In Spanish click here]

And, thanks to Florida International University for posting video of Yoani Sanchez later that evening:

[English translation]

[In Spanish click here]

[Additional audio and video interviews with Yoani Sanchez in Miami updated below.]

- Interview with Oscar Haza on Radio Mambi click here.
- Interview with The Miami Herald editorial board click here.
- Sanchez at the Roots of Hope/Knight Foundation "Tweet Up" click here.
- Interview with reporters from Diario Las Americas click here.
- Sanchez on 'A Mano Limpia' (AmericaTeVe) click here.
- Interview with Jaime Bayly on MegaTV click here.