Monday, January 22, 2007

Eyes Now on Vigilia Mambisa

Aldo Nahed, for the Miami Herald, is reporting that the Bolivarian Youth is planning to file charges on Miguel Saavedra, leader of Vigilia Mambisa, and others involved on the attack this past Friday (January 19th, 2006).

Now we wait to see if any of the Cuban-American leadership condemns the actions of Saavedra and Vigilia Mambisa.

A member of the Bolivarian Youth, Micheal Martinez, has also posted his side of what happened. He says "As we rode away, we realized how much our freedoms were kicked, punched, shoved and spat upon by this unruly mob of fascists. "

Also, check the Miami Herald link, which has two additional links: one to the unedited video of the attack and a Sunday story by MY33, courtesy of CBS4 News. Kudos to CBS4 and the Miami Herald for following up the story.

Finally, for those who are interested in who the Bolivarian Youth are, you can check their website or read a November 2006 article from FIU's student paper, the Beacon.