Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bolivarian Youth Press Charges

If someone got in your face and said "maricón" and then hit you, would you press charges?

Radio Mambi, in the afternoon, reported that the Bolivarian Youth was holding a protest at the City of Miami Police Department. This was not the case. They, and many other supporters, marched to the police department to file formal charges against members of Vigilia Mambisa. [Video available here, courtesy of CBS4 News.]

This evening, both Telemundo51 and Noticias23 (Univision) report that members of the Bolivarian Youth formally pressed charges for being attacked on Jan. 19th, at a pro-Luis Posada Carriles demonstration.

Miguel Saavedra, of Vigilia Mambisa, insists that he and his members were provoked by the Bolivarian Youth, and laments about what happened. Saavedra also insists that the Bolivarian Youth did not have a permit for public demonstration.

Mike Martinez, of the Bolivarian Youth, says that these points are irrelevant to the charges, and that their right to publicly protest were violated. The Bolivarian Youth filed charges with their attorney by their side, Jack Lieberman of the Peace and Justice Network.

The City of Miami police department will now conduct investigations and decide if criminal charges will be placed on Vigilia Mambisa members.

It doesn't look good for Saavedra, and others. There is plenty of evidence against them.

[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]


Manuel A. Tellechea said...


This guy is a "youth?"

He looks to me like someone you should keep young people away from.

Mambi_Watch said...

I love how you avoid the topic.