Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hello Again

Hello fellow blog readers, and all others interested in U.S.-Cuba relations (including some other Cuba-related stuff). I've been out of the Blogosphere loop for over a month now, but there's no better way to get back on than with a new post.

But first, I think I should re-introduce the blog for new readers, and then review the goals of this blog: Mambi Watch.

Since my first post in December of 2006, Mambi Watch's mission was to observe South Florida's local news networks (both English and Spanish language broadcasts) and post about how they reported news concerning Cuba. The main motivation at the time was to point out the lack of diverse points of view and research in the stories related to Cuba, and attempt to describe the bias involved.

The current mission of Mambi Watch is not much different. Since 2006, I have posted about several stories and issues related to Cuba, but have extended my comments beyond local news coverage. I comment on the growing Blogosphere, and other media commentary reporting on Cuba. I also comment on many news articles, op-eds, academic reports, conferences or books related to Cuba and U.S. policy towards Cuba. Basically, I'll post about anything Cuba-related that I can get my hands on (that interests me at the moment).

But, what drives me most is the effort to make a sound argument or decision over U.S.-Cuba relations, and do it with civility and respect for others. This is a principle I will always aim to uphold and transmit through this blog. Why? Because as you will see, respect, tolerance, and civility towards others does not shine brightly in Miami when it comes to Cuba.

There's a lot of propaganda coming from both sides, and Mambi Watch will try to reveal the information that some might have left out.

Welcome to Mambi Watch.

[Please feel free to comment on some posts, or send me an e-mail. I will try to respond to everyone, and write freely about anything asked, even on the reasons I blog anonymously.]