Thursday, August 13, 2009

Who Wants a Debate?

If you're looking for what will be an exciting and informative debate over U.S. policy towards Cuba, then this might be it.

Today at 11am EST, the people at Wide Angle will host a debate between Phil Peters (of the Cuban Triangle blog) and Mauricio Claver-Clarone (of the Capitol Hill Cubans blog) titled: Should the Cuban Trade Embargo be Lifted? You can listen live at Wide Angle's Blog Talk Radio webpage, and participate if you wish by phone or leaving a question here. The debate will be moderated by Wide Angle correspondent and journalism professor Aaron Brown.

My position on the U.S. embargo has been posted about on several occasions, such as these two. Furthermore, there is wide public support (from the majority of Americans, significant numbers of Cuban-Americans, and prominent dissidents inside Cuba) to end the U.S. embargo (and other related policy measures) towards Cuba. Why should the U.S. remain adamant on maintaining such a policy?

If you missed the debate, I will post the highlights soon.

[The Wide Angle event is also related to the re-broadcast of the documentary "Victory is Your Duty" (aka "Sons of Cuba") which I posted about in 2007.]

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