Friday, August 21, 2009

You Reap What You Sow

I can now hear their critics saying: "I told you so."

Today, someone posted video clips from Cuba's state-owned television program called "Mesa Redonda" (not to be confused with Radio Mambi's "Mesa Redonda," which ironically happens to also function as a propaganda outlet) showing its hosts talk about the "intolerance and irrationality" seen in Vigilia Mambisa's recent protest. (Video courtesy of CubaNews.)

On Wednesday, Miguel Saavedra, leader of Vigilia Mambisa, was asked in a television interview (video) if he was worried the Cuban government would use his protest, where music CD's were smashed (video), as part of their propaganda campaign against Cuban exiles. He ignored the possibility.

Also, this morning supporters of Vigilia Mambisa again called in to Radio Mambi to denounce recent comments by one of its hosts (Enrique Encinosa) describing the recent Mambisa protest as "Nazi-like." Encinosa defended his comments against a few, but very upset, callers.

What's ironic about all this is the fact that the extremism displayed by Vigilia Mambisa is the direct product of transmitted intolerance and "intransigent" beliefs by Radio Mambi, and other radio and television stations in Miami. In addition, Vigilia Mambisa has for a long time depended on radio stations like Radio Mambi to promote their protests and demonstrations.

Miguel Saavedra is also a member of Unidad Cubana, a militant Cuban exile organization whose Chairman is Armando Perez-Roura, programming director of Radio Mambi.

[The Villa Granadillo blog has a long statement in defense of Vigilia Mambisa, and in response to Enrique Encinosa from Radio Mambi. It's in Spanish for those who are interested.]

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