Friday, June 26, 2009

Welcome FP Cuba Blog!

There's a fantastic new blog about Cuba and U.S.-Cuba relations. It comes from the Foreign Policy Association and its blog network, "the largest network of global affairs blogs online." It doesn't have a specific name, but we can call it the Foreign Policy Cuba Blog. It is authored by Melissa Lockhart who seems to have an excellent background on the subject.

It's gonna be very exciting to have the FP Cuba Blog on the blogroll (check out yesterday's post on a French research student in Cuba), and make sure you pay a visit and read her older posts (which go back to February 2009).

Here's a post that provides a good indication of where the blog stands on some issues:

"The point is not that the United States is right and Cuba is wrong, nor that the political/economic system the United States has is perfect (far from it) and Cuba must emulate it. Pointing fingers like this results in a stalemate where everyone is wrong, or else no one is.

"Let’s be clear: a country like the United States, which over recent years has allowed torture, unjust war and financial disaster to occur, does not deserve our lauding at the expense of giving attention to those failures. Nor, therefore, does Cuba deserve praise for its health and education system if praise is given without recognition of the country’s economic, social and political shortcomings, not to mention its holding of political prisoners and treatment of dissidents*."

*[Link provided by FP Cuba Blog author.]

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