Wednesday, February 6, 2008

They're Baack

El Nuevo Herald's Wilfredo Cancio Isla gives us the heads-up on the next planned demonstration by Code Pink in Little Havana.

According to the article, Code Pink is meeting today with officers at the City of Miami Police Department and obtaining their permit to demonstrate again in front of the Versailles Restaurant in Little Havana, this Saturday at 11 AM. It is also reported that counter-demonstrators have also obtained their permits to be at the same location and time, estimating to number around 500-800 persons. In the last event, only about 200-300 counter-protesters were reported to have attended, but permits require an estimate of the anticipated crowd. The counter-demonstrators are the same groups that comprise the "Committee in Support of Luis Posada Carriles" (such as Alpha 66 and Vigilia Mambisa).

Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Code Pink, is quoted in El Nuevo Herald saying:

"We hope that on this occasion it be a peaceful protest and that the Miami Police protect our constitutional right to demonstrate in this community."

Wilfredo Cancio Isla (unfortunately) quotes Miguel Saavedra, member of Vigilia Mambisa (who was caught last year attacking a counter-protester in Little Havana on film and video), saying things that really shouldn't be taken seriously. Last month, Saavedra told a Spanish reporter that those who chased away Code Pink last time are in fact "very democratic, this is a free country. We are on our side of the street. No one has prohibited anything. We're pluralists."

Saavedra is now quoted saying that his organization really has a "peaceful character" and that last month's hostile actions against Code Pink were nothing but a "popular rejection towards a group of provocateurs."

How unfortunate that Saavedra doesn't really understand the meaning of pluralism, nor democracy, but instead has no problems with actions such as "popular rejection" (which last month meant "mob violence and intimidation") towards unfavored political groups. It's also unfortunate how journalists repeatedly quote this man.

I have no idea what will happen on Saturday, but I do have hope that many counter-demonstrators will not charge towards or throw any objects at Code Pink members. I also hope that counter-demonstrators will take the opportunity before and after to reject and oppose such hostile actions at members of Code Pink.

[Last Month's Demonstration]

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Sagitario said...

I am amazed at how these people use the same rethoric as Castro's people. That is exactly what they say in Havana about the Rapid Deployment Brigades attacking peaceful demonstrators: It is just the popular indignation and rejection of those "provocateurs".