Friday, February 15, 2008

Miami Madness

What a week. Plenty to write about and so little time.


Carlos Miller, photo and video journalists, finally uploaded footage from last Saturday's Code Pink demonstration at the Versailles Restaurant. According to Miller, he was assaulted by a Versailles Restaurant "bodyguard" after he stepped over into the pro-Luis Posada Carriles side of Calle Ocho, where militant Cuban exiles have little tolerance for dissenting views, and was being forced to leave by a shouting crowd. Miami police intervened in the altercation and asked if Miller wished to press charges on the "bodyguard" who assaulted him. Miller declined to press charges citing that he nor his equipment were harmed in the quarrel.

Nevertheless, in his blog, Miller describes his anger over the treatment he received by some at the protest in front of the Versailles Restaurant. He also adds some expletives aimed at Aldo Rosado-Tuero, director of the Nuevo Accion blog, who is accused by Miller for lying about the incident on Saturday. Nuevo Accion is a Spanish-language blog not too different from the Babalu Blog, but far more motivated by tabloid tendencies, intimidation tactics, public defamation and manipulation. (Or is that the same as Babalu Blog?)

[Check out the other videos by Carlos Miller and Magic City Media]


In another attempt to obviate from the important issues, Henry Gomez from the Babalu Blog has led a misinformation campaign against Presidential candidate Barack Obama and his supporters by focusing on the controversial figure of Ernesto "Che" Guevara.

For decades, the Guevara image (and rhetoric) has been generally understood as a force of benevolent revolution, but recent publications, some of which have gained national attention, have strengthened the debate over the "Che" image, and the real man. But, this new debate has yet to take hold over every person in America, and it is unreasonable (and unrealistic) for Henry Gomez to think that this issue of "Guevaragate" should be forced among the most pressing national issues.

But, important national issues don't seem to matter to Mr. Gomez. He's more concerned about creating conflict among Americans who are still ignorant of the new debate over Guevara. At the very least, Mr. Gomez has the opportunity to expand an important and serious debate over the controversial life of Ernesto "Che" Guevara. (Notice that debate is virtually banned from the Babalu Blog.) Instead, Mr. Gomez's plan is to now stereotype American citizens supporting Barack Obama as being "Che admirers."

According to Mr. Gomez, "the percentage of people who support [Barack Obama] who have subscribed to those Che myths is substantial" and "there are a significant number of Che admirers supporting [Barack Obama]."

What's the proof, you say? According to Mr. Gomez: "14 user generated web pages at [feature] quotes or pictures from Che Guevara." Case closed.

Here's what Mr. Gomez leaves out: 1) most of those 14 profiles have legitimate concerns about top national issues such as healthcare, the Iraq War and energy independence; and 2) there are over 100,000 profiles at

But, those facts do not matter to Mr. Gomez. He's more concerned about something else: the ideological battle against the Cuban government.


Cuban Angst said...

You know there are some psychotropic drugs that might be effective on Henry. He's a quite conflicted pup lately.

Mambi_Watch said...

I was to reiterate to readers that this blog is not intended to make personal criticisms about anyone.

If there have been instances where I have done so, then I apologize, but my intentions were never to do so.

I refuse to make any personal judgments through this blog and make efforts to follow this rule.

This particular post is not a personal critique about Henry Gomez, but rather a practical one. I criticize the "research" and argument of Mr. Gomez, not his personal life. If it seemed otherwise, then I'm being misunderstood.

I DO NOT know Mr. Gomez personally and refuse to write personal attacks on anyone, or groups, through this blog.

Additionally, I'm more than prepared to accept responsibility if I have violated this rule.

Pauli said...

Hopefully Castro will soon join ol' "Che" and they can party in communist "heaven" together for eternity.