Wednesday, July 4, 2007

No Defense for Terror (Part 8)

"Carneiro assures that [Orlando] Garcia, being the Commissioner of the police intelligence agency of Venezuela, ordered one of his subordinates to give Cuban-Venezuelan police officer* [Luis] Posada Carriles the C-4 explosives which blew up the [Cubana] plane."[1]

*[Luis Posada Carriles was at the time a private investigator who was a former chief of Venezuela's civilian security police DISIP (Dirección de los Servicios de Inteligencia y Prevención).]

This is what El Nuevo Herald reporter Gerardo Reyes wrote in his July 26, 1991 article about his interview with Osmeiro Carneiro. A story that Enrique Encinosa has erased from memory.

Carneiro's allegations, like Diosdado Diaz's, are based on confessions by Ricardo "El Mono" Morales from another interview which was video-taped by reporter Francisco Chao Hermida.

Carneiro recounts to Gerardo Reyes that "in 1982, the late journalist Francisco Chao Hermida asked [Carneiro] to accompany him to Miami and be a witness to an interview with Morales." According to Carneiro, both men travelled to Miami and stayed in a newly inaugurated Holiday Inn on Brickell Avenue where they interviewed Morales on camera. It was there, according to Carneiro, that Morales confessed about the conspirators of the 1976 bombing, which included Orlando Bosch, Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Garcia. The three of whom where members of what Carneiro and others knew at the time as the "Gang of Death." But, there is controversy within the confessions to Osmeiro Carneiro and Diosdado Diaz.

According to Luis Posada Carriles, from his book Los Caminos del Guerrero (Chapter 13), Francisco Chao Hermida came back from his Miami interview saying that Ricardo Morales "has recounted interesting things about the bombing of the Cuban airplane and that [Morales] is prepared to tell them to [Posada's] lawyers." One of Posada's lawyers, Raymond Aguiar, immediately flies to Miami and conducts another video interview with Ricardo "El Mono" Morales where he repeats what he supposedly told Francisco Chao Hermida.

According to Luis Posada Carriles, Morales confessed to knowing that the bomb on the Cubana flight was initially placed in Guyana; that the bomb was made of dynamite placed in the baggage compartment of the plane; and that the bomb was originally timed to kill everyone including Hernan Ricardo and Freddy Lugo before they stepped off the plane in Barbados. The motivations for this plan were not revealed.

The contradictions begin here.

- El Nuevo Herald (Alfonso Chardy and Oscar Corral) viewed the 1982 Morales video-taped interview with Francisco Chao Hermida and reported in May 9, 2005 that "El Mono" Morales pointed to Gustavo Castillo, instead of Luis Posada Carriles, as the one who prepared the bomb for the Cubana flight. This contradicts the confessions to Detective Diosdado Diaz and the recollections of Osmeiro Carneiro, both of whom heard that Luis Posada Carriles was involved.

- Morales' confession of the use of dynamite contradicts sworn statements in Operation Tick-Talks of the use of C-4 to blow up the Cubana flight. C-4 being the most popular explosive used for such operations, and involved with prior usage by Luis Posada Carriles and Ricardo Morales.

But, there are ways to make sense of all this.

1) You can believe Detective Diosdado Diaz, who is a more than 20-year veteran officer in Miami, and Osmeiro Carneiro, who was also a more than 20-year veteran of Venezuelan military intelligence, when they say that Luis Posada Carriles was definitely involved in the 1976 bombing (which also supports the declassified evidence and other allegations involving Orlando Garcia), or...

2) You can believe Luis Posada Carriles' secret double-agent who told him that Cuban agents paid Ricardo "El Mono" Morales Navarrete $18,000 to kill 73 innocent people just to continue smearing Miami Cuban exiles and momentarily justify internal Cuban government repression, or...

3) You can dismiss ALL the testimony and alleged confessions by Ricardo "El Mono" Morales, and then realize that ALL the defenders of Luis Posada Carriles (Encinosa, Byrne, Fontova and others) have been deceiving you.

Notice that the final scenario has no defense for the declassified documents on the 1976 bombing (excluding those using Ricardo Morales as a source), and the 1997 bombing campaign against Cuban hotels which is currently being investigated by the FBI, and has Luis Posada Carriles as a prime suspect.

It's up to you to decide.

In my opinion, the defense of Luis Posada Carriles by those mentioned above is nothing more than an exercise in propaganda. Enrique Encinosa, for more than 10 years, has repeated lies about Osmeiro Carneiro and Ricardo Morales. From his 1994 book, Cuba en Guerra (p.280-283), to his 2004 book, Unvanquished (p.124-126), Encinosa has used the July 15, 1991 Osmeiro Carneiro news brief and Luis Posada's book as his only two sources.

Currently, Enrique Encinosa is the news editor at Radio Mambi.

But, there are other important defenders for Luis Posada Carriles.

Humberto Fontova and Robert Alonso.

[1] El Nuevo Herald, July 26, 1991, "Congreso Venezolano Investiga a Cubanos" by Gerardo Reyes.

[Part 9]


Genius of Despair said...

you know mambi, I am always afraid to say anything about Cuba...I saw what happened to Ana Menendez and she is Cuban. I stay so clear of the subject, except in rooms where I know all the people and only publically commenting on Castro's warmup suits. Get the fashion police over there. I like the aim of your blog:

Mambi Watch is committed to a demonstration of civility, respectable debate and forming sound arguments on US/Cuba issues.

Mambi_Watch said...

Thanks Genius, I enjoy your blog as well and find it admirable.

South Floridians should check it out:
Eye on Miami

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Oh, my God; are you still continuing with this exercise in pathology? Do you not recognize that you have been defeated and that it's time for you to move to other battlefields? If you continue with this Posada obsession much longer you are going to look like one of those unreconstructed Alger Hiss supporters; or, worse still, a professional Kennedy assassination cultist.

Mambi_Watch said...

Look who's talking about pathologies.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Ah, but you have grander pathologies than me. If they actually try to go after Posada again, I may actually refute your 100-part series.

Mambi_Watch said...

Mr. Tellechea,

I can specifically re-address several lies that you have posted here and elsewhere, and of which I have directly confronted.

On the other hand, I have yet to see you accuse me of such deceptions. Please point them out. Not only do I deserve to know, but also readers.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I tell no lies; nor did I accuse you of doing so; your supposition that I did merely shows how trigger-happy and embedded you are in this story. Too much so, alas, to be an objective commentator on the Posada case, though that is how you try to represent yourself.

Your modus operandi is to accept everything which appears to inculpate Posada while dismissing everything that exculpates him. If Posada's defenders have made honest errors -- and I don't believe we have erred in any way -- it does not reflect on whether Posada himself is guilty. You have to stop having these puerile one-sided contests with his defenders about who knows more about the Posada case and actually start examining the facts of the case. You are not going to get Posada indicted by indicting his critics.

But continue your 100-part series. You are doing no harm and are at times greatly amusing (if unintentionally so).

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Don't ever say you don't influence me. On your recommendation I visited the "Genius of Despair's" blog, Eye on Miami.

"Genius" appears to think that everybody who visits his blog is an idiot.

Look at his instructions for posting:

"Hit on the word 'Comments' at the end of ANY post. A box will appear to type in. Below the box (scroll down) you can choose to write anonymously or make up a name (choose 'Other'). Scroll down for a button: 'Publish.' You must hit that button!"

Well, if any of your readers need instructions, there they are.

Mambi_Watch said...

Mr. Tellechea,

My focus in these series of posts are the arguments of Encinosa, Fontova and Alonso.

I examine what they have presented to readers and reveal important facts that they have manipulated or ignored. My goal is to exercise the reader's doubt when they read any column or story. Its a principle that I hope readers apply to my writings, and especially towards future writings from Encinosa, Fontova and others.

I attempt to reveal all sources and evidence so readers can make up their own minds.

Mambi_Watch said...

And your comments about Genius of Despair are ridiculous in my opinion.

It would better serve you to make your personal attributions based on the several writings by Genius of Despair.

Not just a few words.