Tuesday, July 17, 2007

No Defense for Terror (Part 12)

How can it be that Humberto Fontova missed the name of Carlos Fabbri? Maybe Mr. Fontova didn't read Luis Posada's book Los Caminos del Guerrero, where Carlos Fabbri's name is mentioned nine times in Chapter 13 (highlighted), six of which are mentioned together with Erick Newton.

Even a 40-page legal summary [PDF] authored by Luis Posada's attorneys makes mention of Carlos Fabbri as an integral part of the forensic team with Erick Newton. Also, at the trial, Carlos Fabbri was questioned for about two and half hours. According to the legal summary and interviews with Fabbri, Erick Newton's signature appears on the forensic report along with Fabbri's.

Suspicions arise about Carlos Fabbri's involvement because of his alleged close association with Luis Posada Carriles and his assignment to join Erick Newton's independent investigation. According to a 1980 interview [PDF] in ELITE magazine, Fabbri states that he was appointed by the Venezuelan administration with permission of the President. Fabbri says that the person who approached him was J.J Patiño González, a former director of the secret police allegedly involved in the death of a well-known communist leader of the 60's: Alberto Lovera.

When asked why he was picked, Fabbri's first response was: "Bueno, no se, quizas la amistad, el respeto que me unía con el doctor Patiño Gonzalez." (Well, I don't know, maybe by acquaintances, the fact that I visited with doctor Patiño Gonzalez.)

In another interview [PDF] conducted in July 1981 for a magazine called RESUMEN, Fabbri confidently stated that "our expert findings [about the Cubana flight bombing] are a scientific fact and a forensic truth that simply rejects any challenges it finds; it simply invalidates definitely by the scientific method any contrary assertions."

But, recent discoveries about the negligence and scientific errors by the Royal Armament Research and Development Establishment (RARDE) during the 70's may shed light on how the forensic evidence may not be the "truth" or, as Fontova puts it "overwhelming, authoritative, and conclusive."

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Manuel A.Tellechea said...
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Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I was right. This really is going to be a 100-part series. We certainly don't see many of those anymore. Your persistence would almost be admirable if it were exerted on behalf a better cause.

Mambi_Watch said...

It is a good cause: to reveal those who engage in propaganda.

Its so fascinating to see how Fontova, Encinosa, and others who come to defend Posada Carriles in the process become propagandist.

It shameful because some of their work is good, but its part of the psychology of some I guess.

I'll sum it up later with my thoughts, but the exercise in such propaganda is shameful.

A practice you have engaged in yourself.