Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pastors for Peace Blog

Just found out that the group Pastors for Peace has their own blog. They are currently posting news about their latest caravan of aid to Cuba. That's 90 tons (!) of humanitarian aid.

They recount how they were again stopped at the US/Mexico border and their caravan inspected by US authorities. 12 computers were "detained." Pastors for Peace states:

"What [US authorities] are taking from us today is purely symbolic. They are trying to show us that they are in charge. But we know that we are the ones in charge, and that the people's power will prevail."

The blog is very interesting. Please read the past posts at your leisure.

According to Babalu Blog, Pastors for Peace are:

- "[B]leeding heart self serving liberal leftist moral equivalence spewing sorry excuses for human beings."

- "[I]diots, [and] knowing and willing accomplices to terror and tyranny."

Check the links and decide for yourself.

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