Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Radio Mambi and Ten Thousand Boxes of Matches

Still, those who listen and call to Radio Mambi are older generation Cubans who believe militarism is justified.

On January 5, 2007, another caller to "La Mesa Redonda" (The Round Table) urged Perez-Roura and his listeners that the US must do MORE to help the Cubans on the island, specifically suggesting a naval blockade. Perez-Roura replied that "ojala con tiempo"(hopefully with time) the US would approve such an option.

On January 12, 2007, Perez-Roura invited Ernesto Diaz Rodriguez, member of Alpha 66, to denounce the US indictments on Luis Posada Carriles. He basically reiterated an important point on how far some Cubans are willing to go. He mentioned that it was a "sacred pledge... to fight (or struggle) to free Cuba without counting on anybody, nor asking permission from anyone, whatever the price may be."

On January 23, 2007, in another "Tome Nota" radio commentary, Perez-Roura made it very clear that he would not consider any other alternatives to the US/Cuba conflict. He said that their struggle "would not permit, at the last minute, for an agreement to be reached... In Cuba there must be change. There cannot be a succession. There cannot be a transition, where everything definitely stays the same, because we know well how Communists are."

According to Perez-Roura's praise of Luis Posada Carriles and Santiago Alvarez, I'm sure he and others at Radio Mambi would be very happy with a violent coup to settle their anger.

On December 22, 2006 ("En Caliente" morning show), a caller made it very clear what kind of "struggle" Radio Mambi really wants.

Caller: ... because [in Cuba] what we must do is fight, and throw rocks, do anything, and from here [in Miami] guide it. Often we are afraid of others' criticisms because we want everything [in Cuba] to be by the law. With the Communist government, there can be NOTHING by the law. It has to be based on FORCE! Otherwise, they will never be liberated!

Enrique Encinosa (co-host with Perez-Roura): "I'm very much in agreement. If the ten thousand who signed the Varela Project, instead of signing, had instead taken to the streets with ten thousand boxes of matches, it would be over in a day."

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