Monday, February 5, 2007

False Reality at Babalu

Val Prieto said:

More babies born = higher rate of possible infant mortality.
Less babies born = lower rate of possible infant mortality
Thus more babies being aborted = less babies born = lower infant mortality rate.

Given the information that I have presented, this simple logic is insufficient to describe reality. On the other hand, Prieto's remarks reveal the basic argument needed to quickly condemn the Cuban government, regardless of any relevant facts or efforts to find them, and thus support the Cuban Abortion Scheme.

BabaluBlog and its many authors continue their false arguments daily, yet their positions do not withstand scrutiny, of which they quickly take care of with ad hominems. It seems to me that Prieto and friends do not care for facts at all, but instead prefer a false picture of Cuba, an island that must be saved from the evil dragon. Its a fairy tale.

My argument does not suggest that all evidence that appears on BabaluBlog is false, but rather their author's interpretations of Cuba-related facts are disingenuous. As can be seen above.

Prieto calls Cuba's health care "smoke and mirrors." I say the same of Prieto's website.

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