Saturday, February 3, 2007

The Cuban Abortion Scheme Debunked (Part 2)

After having read numerous health related articles, it seems that these accusations are fraudulent and only support the assumption that many Cuban Americans have an apparent bias towards the Cuban government (which might be justified in some cases) and thus are willing to sacrifice important facts for an immediate and selfish condemnation.

The false argument basically accuses the Cuban government of a deliberate abortion scheme to keep infant mortality rates low. The facts point to the contrary and reveal a complex picture of Cuban society, which undoubtedly is unique among the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean. My argument will focus on directly debunking the myth of the Cuban abortion scheme, and replacing the argument with a more appropriate discussion about women's reproductive health in Latin America and the Caribbean. I hope to provide a more reasonable answer to why Cuban women are getting more abortions and why the infant mortality rate is low.

In plain simple terms, Cuban women have easy access to and see little taboos about abortion, and furthermore, Cuban healthcare provides effective primary care to women, especially prenatal care in comparison to the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean. These two factors, in my opinion, are significant in explaining why the abortion rates are high, fertility rates are low and the infant mortality rate is low, and why Cuba continues to stand out in the health sector among the rest of its neighbors in the Western Hemisphere.

[Part 3]

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