Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tougher Times Ahead

According to the latest reports, "the World Bank said the global recession this year will be deeper than it predicted... The world economy will contract 2.9 percent...Unemployment is on the rise, and poverty is set to increase in developing economies, bringing with it a substantial deterioration in conditions for the world’s poor."

In the video above, the BBC reports on the latest cutbacks in Cuba which will make daily life much harder than before. The Cuban Triangle blog recently mentioned that conserving energy is a current priority for the Cuban government, hence the cutbacks on air-conditioning and public transportation.

In these tough times, you can certainly expect some Cuban exile groups to become more aggressive in their campaigns to support the Cuban opposition. Earlier this week, some exile groups revealed their latest campaign effort called "We Are All Resistance." It is a campaign effort that first began in 2006, and initially described as "Non-Cooperation."

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