Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mayor Calls Che Film a "Slap in the Face"

This morning on Spanish-language radio station WWFE (670 AM), Miami Beach Mayor Matti Bower called in to express her disapproval over a controversial film being screened this evening.

Mayor Bower was on the phone with Cuban exile activist Ruby Feria this morning, and mentioned that she was shocked when she heard that a "Che" film in Miami Beach would be shown this evening.

"Honestly, it gave me a shock when I found out this was happening. The last thing I thought was something like this to occur."

But, Mayor Bower, who was born in Cuba, added that she is opposed to stopping the scheduled screening of the film, and reminded everyone that "in a free country like this one, censorship is not acceptable..."

"Because we come from a country where there is censorship in art, in words, in religion, and censorship in though, and I wish never to fall into something like that."

Mayor Bower assured protesters that she will join them tonight at the Carlyle Theater because the screening of the film was a "slap in the face." She also stated: "I will fix this the best way I can because it is not fair that they do that [screen a film on Ernest 'Che' Guevara] without us being prepared."

Radio host Ruby Feria said that she "will excuse this instance with the promise to work so that in the future this will not happen again."

[Audio of Interview, MP3]