Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tom Gjelten on Cuba

NPR has an interview with journalist and author Tom Gjelten on the eve of tomorrow's historic anniversary of the Cuban Revolution. Gjelten is a long-time US correspondent from Cuba and shares his thoughts about Cuban history, Cuban exiles, and a possible new relationship between the US and Cuba.

Here's some excerpts:

"If you take the fact that we now have a Democratic Congress, a Democratic President, a new leader in Cuba, we have the ingredients for a possible real revision for US policy. But, I think, over the next four years, the chances of some real changes in US policy towards Cuba, and let's also hope some changes in Cuba's attitude towards the United States, may come... And so, I think, in order for there to be true change, we're giong to need to see a change of attitude on both sides."


"But, I do think that with Fidel Castro now disappearing from the scene, Raul Castro 77 years old, with Barack Obama as [US] President, with the world changing, I think change is gonna come slowly in this relationship... and within I say five to ten years were gonna see a totally different relationship between the United States and Cuba."

[Photo by Reuters]