Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"Thank You for C-Span"

Just like last week's PBS Newshour discussion with Roger Noriega and Peter Kornbluh, C-Span's Washington Journal program yesterday (Oct. 30) tackled US policy towards Cuba with guests Frank Calzon (executive director of the Center for a Free Cuba) and Elsa Falkenburger (program officer at the Washington Office on Latin America).

Yesterday's discussion (video available here, with discussion beginning at 52:40), was another example of the kind of programming missing in Miami. By presenting opposing viewpoints in a televised forum (and with calls from viewers), C-Span has provided an excellent public service that is rarely copied, especially in Miami where the US/Cuba discussion should be paramount.

At the end of the Washington Journal discussion on US/Cuba policy, C-Span mentioned an upcoming special program on US policy towards Cuba. This future program is scheduled for November 19th at 7pm EST, and will included video from Cuba and several interviews. Given that C-Span makes great effort to present various points of view in a fair manner, this upcoming program should be worth waiting for.

It should also be noted that, along with Cuban political prisoner Oscar Elias Biscet, Brian Lamb, the founder of C-Span, will be receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom next month.

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