Friday, August 3, 2007

One for Reconciliation (Part 1)

So, last night I was listening to Martha Flores on Radio Mambi. Boy, is she ticked about this whole Rudy Crew business. Rudy Crew is the Miami-Dade School Board Superintendent and has met increased criticism when last month's county evaluation found an increase of "F" schools and other unmet goals. But, despite all that, Crew still received a job bonus from the school board this week. Upset callers to Radio Mambi have been plentiful, and sometimes racist, repeatedly calling Crew "El negro ese" (that black guy). Local blog Riptide has a link to a lengthy Miami New Times article that summarizes the frustrations of many in the county. The pressure around Crew is boiling, not to mention a recent allegation that Crew called Cubans "the enemy." But, Rudy Crew is prepared to leave his position if things get way out of hand. In a recent interview on NPR, Crew made it very clear that he is presently calculating the costs and benefits of staying in Miami as Superintendent, and that Miami "doesn't have to be the place where you have your first heart attack." Crew described some of the opposition from the school board as "brutality."

So, after Martha Flores took a breather, she went on to a story about Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo. Yeesh!

Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo, like other men, waged a war against the Cuban government years ago, but unlike many, found no positive gains in violence, and has since directed himself towards a peaceful path for a free Cuba. Those who want to know more about Gutierrez Menoyo can check out an eye-opening interview he gave for the documentary "Nobody Listened" (1994), which is also fully available at Google Video or on DVD at the Miami-Dade Public Library System. Or, you can check out the various articles about him archived at the Latin American Studies website. Today, he is part of the opposition inside Cuba, where he seeks to establish a "legal space" for political dissidence.

Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo made news this week because he participated in some kind of open forum in Puerto Rico where he made several statements and answered questions from the public. According to Diario Las Americas, he confidently stated that Fidel Castro "will not return to take back the reins of power" and that, unfortunately, Raul Castro "will continue the tragedy." Gutierrez Menoyo believes that all Cubans are now waiting for a change, and that such a change will come peacefully through a dialogue between the government and its opposition. "I support dialogue, reconciliation of the Cuban family, and a peaceful reconciliation."

Fantomas from the Abajo Fidel Blog was there and provides a short summary of what occurred at the public forum in Puerto Rico. Fantomas writes that Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo evaded many questions, such as how many members belonged to his dissident group and about his fortunate ability to travel in and out of Cuba. Fantomas believes that Gutierrez Menoyo is being used by the Cuban government for some purpose, but Fantomas doesn't say for what purpose. Fantomas plans to have video of the conference available on his blog soon.

And, speaking of those who want reconciliation...

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