Friday, August 10, 2007

Great Post Phil!

Couldn't post about the Cuban boxers today, but I've definitely done the research. Hopefully tomorrow.

In the mean time, check out the Cuban Triangle blog and Phil Peters' thoughts on travel rights to Cuba. Plenty of commentary to read too.

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Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Good, take your time to write it. You've already started off on the wrong foot in another post, and now you have the opportunity to clarify your position.

You cannot equate the German promoters to the Castro regime. The Germans offered the boxers millions in euros and freedom in Germany. Castro offered them the opportunity to never earn a cent from their talents and be exploited by the Communist state for its own aggrandizement.

Let's see how your finely-honed sense of moral equivalence will equate the two.

And also how you explain away their kidnapping at Castro's orders with the connivance of the Brazilian government.