Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Other Black Spring (Part 3)

Many international organizations have settled with the position that amelioration of Cuba's human rights abuses is dependent on US policy. That may be a reason why there is little to say over the four-year mark of Cuba's Black Spring: everyone is waiting for the US to change its policy.

So, while some ask (dare I say whine) about why there is little coverage of Cuba's Black Spring, there has been substantial coverage of another Black Spring. Despite the claim that many support solidarity with other oppressed people in the world, there has been a virtual silence in Miami about the recent Black Spring in Zimbabwe.

One week exactly before the mourning of Cuba's Black Spring, police in the capitol of Zimbabwe violently interrupted a demonstration of pro-democracy activists with a massive crackdown of about 100 arrests. The event made headlines after it was discovered that one of the leading pro-democracy activists, Morgan Tsvangirai, was among the arrested and severly beaten, suffering a fractured skull among other injuries.

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