Thursday, March 8, 2007

Agustin Tamargo (Part 3)

Agustin Tamargo's justifications for a violent overthrow of the Cuban government was highlighted in an article he wrote in 2004, titled "The Letter I Didn't Send to Bush." In it, Tamargo makes his frustrations clear at the US government and its Cuba policy. Citing past American military interventions around the world, Tamargo asks:

"Y Cuba, presidente Bush? Que pasa con Cuba? Por que Irak si y Cuba no?" (And Cuba, president Bush? What about Cuba? Why yes on Iraq and no on Cuba?).

The idea of a violent purge in order to free Cuba contradicts the calls for human rights around the world. The consequences of such a violent solution would be disastrous, as has been evident by many examples around the world. If one truly defends the cause of human rights, then a military solution would not even be considered.

Still, I know that Agustin Tamargo would be adamant for a violent overthrow, and ignore any pleas to the contrary, like many hard-liners in Miami. Tamargo was a proud intransigent, as many call themselves. I can hear his reply as I write this post about him. He would say:

"Y si esta monserga no te gusta, querido lector, es que tú eres una de estas dos cosas: o un cubano desteñido o un fidelista rezagado."

(And if you don't like this gibberish, dear reader, it is because you are one of two things: either a washed-out Cuban or a broken Fidelista).

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