Sunday, March 22, 2009

Nuevo Accion: Carlos Lage in Jail

Nuevo Accion, a Spanish-language news website about Cuba and other related topics, is reporting that Carlos Lage, the recently-ousted Cabinet Secretary of the Cuban government, has been jailed.

Nuevo Accion says that "reliable sources and of complete trust, from Mexico, informed Nuevo Accion today that Carlos Lage is in jail in Havana." The sources are described as "people very close to Mexican businessmen" who have worked with Lage and have recently been informed that Lage has been jailed. [Screenshot of article.]

This post is certainly not based on any trust of Nuevo Accion's sources, but rather a skeptical test of their reliability. Nevertheless, I personally think Nuevo Accion is sometimes driven by their ability to exaggerate and manipulate facts concerning Cuba. Also, their public contempt for many people they disagree with is not an attribute of honest investigation.

Instead, this may be a case of Nuevo Accion trying to embellish recent rumors concerning a conspiracy involving Lage to oust Cuban President Raul Castro from power. These rumors have immediately been met with skepticism. But, Lage's recent exit from his Cabinet position has been met with increased concern by government supporters.

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