Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bloggers for a Dream

Did you know that there are over 800 blogs about Cuba? That's according to Al Godar at the Blogs Sobre Cuba website. Godar has been steadily adding blogs about Cuba since 2007. In his first post he mentioned the difficulty of adding some blogs because of relevant content on Cuba, but...

"I don't discriminate anyone for being too far left, too far right, or too 'comemierda.' Here we are all included."

Al Godar also belongs to the blog called Bloggers for a Dream, a Spanish-language website that focuses on organizing Cuban bloggers throughout the globe and harnessing the power of the blogosphere to open up Cuban society. Bloggers for a Dream, made up of Cuban exiles around Europe, certainly represents what Yoani Sanchez terms the unstoppable ""

Bloggers for a Dream looks to have a lot of great ideas in store: plans to setup a digital video channel specializing in video material created by Cubans in and out of the island; also an upcoming conference on Cuban bloggers to take place in Spain and Miami. This conference, titled "Blogging Cuba", expects to gather many Cuban bloggers, of various points of view, where they can discuss the possibilites of the blogosphere and its future impact in Cuba. The event is planned for August 14-16, in Miami and Spain.

Bloggers for a Dream has also organized a very useful list of NGOs that readers can use to send humanitarian assistance to Cuba.