Friday, December 7, 2007


Tonight on Radio Mambi (yet again), the Commandos F-4 appeared on "La Mesa Redonda" with Armando Perez Roura for the entire two-hour program. Their mission this time (like all the other times before): collect funds from Radio Mambi listeners for their "sabotage" missions and "propaganda" (sticker) campaigns.

According to Rodolfo Frómeta, chief commander of Commandos F-4, and who testified in 2001 of being involved in violent acts against Cuba, their clandestine organization has operational bases in third-countries who provide moral support for Cuban liberation. Frómeta in the next sentence mentions cities like San Salvador.

Tonight, Frómeta and other members of Commandos F-4 are on the air asking for more funding from Cuban exiles who "REALLY" want a free Cuba. They believe that with proper funding they can create the "spark" needed to overthrow the Cuban government within 6 months. They are also appealing to young Cubans in exile who want to know more, or perhaps enlist.

According to their "Declaration of a Military Offensive," Commandos F-4 "declare a firm position of confrontation towards the Cuban government, of which continually justifies the use of force as the only method to to liberate our homeland."

Their "Platform" page states: "In view of the impossibility to achieve these demands by peaceful means, the people are left with no other choice but to burst into a popular insurrection."

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