Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Unacceptable Speech

Rafael Del Pino, who in 1987 became "highest-ranking officer to defect from Cuba," appeared last week on local Spanish television (A Mano Limpia with Oscar Haza) and has generated unrest in Miami Spanish Radio.

The Baracutey Cubano Blog has provided the whole show on YouTube (in 5 parts) for viewing. Rafael Del Pino, a former Cuban General who still considers himself an active member, has recently received media coverage in calling for negotiations with the new Raul Castro government. Phil Peters at the Cuban Triangle blog provides the details of Del Pino's negotiation proposals and considers the approach "constructive." But, constructive talk doesn't fall well here in some parts of Miami.

Ever since the show, Del Pino has been insulted and his comments condemned. As recently as a few minutes ago, WQBA's 4pm show had on Brigade 2506 Veterans talking about how Del Pino's comments here in Miami are insulting to exiled Cubans and how his proposals shall never be recognized because "we don't deal with people who have blood-stained hands."

The worst condemnation came from Radio Mambi this past Saturday evening where the most hard-line shows are aired. One host called Del Pino every insulting name in the book that, in my opinion, it amounted to hate speech.

One wonders if Del Pino will ever be seen again on TV.

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