Thursday, August 23, 2012

Welcome "On Two Shores"

Here's another new blog about Cuba and US policy: "On Two Shores."

They describe themselves as "a moderate, forward-thinking voice, from the heart of Miami, for Cuban Americans and Cubans in the diaspora." And their goal is "to represent the silent majority within our [Cuban?] community who believe that a change of policy vis-a-vis Cuba is long overdue, and to counteract the influence of the hardliners on both sides."

I'm not a fan of the profanity, but some of the posts are pretty good. For example check this one out titled "Leaving the Hardliners Behind" by William Vidal.

The editor is Alex Barreras, former blogger (with Giancarlo Sopo) from the now-defunct "Generation Miami" blog and "Stuck on the Palmetto" blog. He was born and raised in Cuba, so his insight about the country and our policy is enlightening.

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