Monday, March 15, 2010

Archives of the Miami News

Back in 2008, Google began a project to digitize old newspaper microfilm with the goal to present historic news articles online. (What a great idea.) And, recently I was happy to see that the archived microfilm of the now-defunct Miami News (first known as The Miami Metropolis) is now increasingly available.

I believe the Palm Beach Post has provided Google with the Miami News microfilm, and its been a virtual treasure to search through. I think I will start posting about some of the more interesting historical articles I find related to U.S. policy towards Cuba.

Above is a photo of Fidel Castro above an opinion column titled "We have no right to meddle in Cuba's internal affairs," dated January 18, 1959 and written by William "Bill" Baggs, editor of the Miami News. The article concludes:

"And, as declared in this comment, no one ever gave any citizen of the United States any right to reside over the domestic affairs of Cuba.

"And anyone who assumes the right, a Congressman or anyone else, is a foolish meddler in a nervous world."

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