Friday, April 10, 2009

"An Act of Justice"

America TeVe, a local Spanish-language station, yesterday took an online poll [available here] asking viewers to complete this sentence: "The accusation towards Luis Posada Carriles for the bombings in Havana is a(n):

a) act of justice
b) concession to Cuba
c) false accusation

The video above shows the results that were broadcast on television where approximately 53% of respondents said the accusations were an "act of justice." About 32% thought it was a "concession to Cuba" and about 16% said it was a "false accusation.

But, when I checked the results in the evening [screenshot] the percentage that thought the accusations were an "act of justice" went up to 65%. "Concession to Cuba" fell to 21% and "false accusation" to 14%.

The video above also has an interview with Cuban exile militant Osvaldo Mitat saying that the charges against Posada in the U.S. are really a "plot made by the Latin American nations, namely Venezuela." In 2006, Mitat was sentenced to 24 months in jail when he pleaded guilty to "conspiracy to possess prohibited firearms." A 2005 federal investigation discovered Mitat had recieved a delivery of "three live grenades, a grenade launcher, four fully automatic machine guns, a silencer and other weapons, some with the serial numbers obliterated."

Mitat later served an additional 8 months after he refused to testify before a Texas grand jury investigating the immigration case of Luis Posada Carriles. Mitat was finally freed last December and now works as a car salesman. Upon his release, Mitat was interviewed by Univision 23 and said that the U.S. government was making an error in the case of Luis Posada Carriles, and that it made no sense to charge someone that the government itself had trained in the past.

In the Univision interview, Mitat also admits that Posada and himself were both trained by the U.S. government, and that the U.S. gave them no problem in the past when they were in Central America, or even when they had been intercepted at sea.