Monday, January 26, 2009

Photoshop Wars

Aside from her one-hour Radio Mambi program, Ninoska Perez-Castellon has a television show on GenTV called Ultima Palabra (Last Word). It's identical to her radio program, except with more guests who coincidentally seem to agree with her most of the time.

Anyway, today's hour-long Ultima Palabra was devoted to the recent Fidel Castro photo with President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Perez-Castellon's message to her television audience was clear: the photo is obviously manipulated to make Fidel look better than he really is, and President Fernandez de Kirchner is lying to everybody because she has been bribed.

In my last post I wrote that this supposed conspiracy was meant to dispell rumors of Fidel's death, but I was wrong. The conspiracy is aimed to quell any political changes that can occur once it is realized that Fidel is near death or gone, and/or to deny Fidel's enemies the satisfaction and celebration of seeing him in his supposedly grave condition. That's what I understood from Ninoska Perez-Castellon on her television show, and her radio show. [Radio Mambi audio here.]

Well, the guys over at Nuevo Accion, a militant Cuban exile website, are also saying that the recent Fidel picture is fake. And, to prove it they have given us the example photo above. In other words, if they can photoshop the head of their director (Aldo Rosado-Tuero) onto the photo, so can the Cuban government photoshop the head of a healthy Fidel.

According to a post from Saturday [screenshot], Nuevo Accion asserts that the photo is fake, everybody involved is lying and challenges the Cuban government to present Fidel Castro live to the public for ten mintues. I'm sure the Cuban government has taken their challenge very seriously.

But, Nuevo Accion has one problem. They are using a low-resolution image of the Fidel photo which is very easy to manipulate (Perez-Castellon made the same error on her television show). A high-resolution photo has been released publicly, and its very difficult to see how this high-quality photo has been manipulated. (In my opinion, the high-resolution photo looks very authentic.)

If Ninoska Perez-Castellon or Nuevo Accion want to convince anyone that the Fidel photo is probably fake then they should use the high-resolution photo, and produce a high-resolution example of photoshop manipulation.

So far, they have not. (Perhaps on purpose.)

[Photo above compares the different image qualities being used. The photoshop work by Nuevo Accion is great, but fails to compare to the actual high-resolution photo.]