Thursday, March 6, 2008

No Better Time Than Now

I think it's a good time for a long hiatus. It seems everybody's in a wait-and-see mood with respect to Cuba. With Raul Castro now officially President, and the Director of US National Intelligence saying that the "political situation probably will remain stable during at least the initial months now that Fidel Castro has handed off power to his brother Raul" [PDF of recent Annual Threat Assessment], now would be a good time for a break.

I personally don't see big changes happening inside Cuba for MANY months to come. The Luis Posada case may get interesting, but I don't see it having a big impact in US/Cuba relations. And, hard-liners in Miami seem more radical than ever, but facing more challenges than ever.

Now, with the Ecuador/Colombia diplomatic conflict growing, but not leading to military violence, hard-liners have shown how isolated and dangerous their thinking is: they support militarism as a just solution to the vast problems they see in South America. According to Armando Perez-Roura (program director of Radio Mambi), "the medicine is armed conflict" (Mar. 4, 2008 - La Noticia y Usted). And, callers to Radio Mambi were virtually unanimous in support because if armed conflict did break out they had "the opportunity" to rid themselves of enemies like Hugo Chavez (President of Venezuela) or Rafael Correa (President of Ecuador). Yeesh!

Inside Cuba, despite the signing of some human rights agreements (with reservations which is usual for many countries, even the US), there's already stories of dissident arrests and unfair trials by the Cuban government. Check the Uncommon Sense Blog.

But, we may see slight changes ahead. So, I will take a back seat.

Honestly, I've been wanting to end this blog since late last year, with the desire to concentrate fully on other interests, but sometimes the blog just draws me in easily. But, now the time is right. So I will be posting about two final matters this week, and then taking a year-long hiatus, after which I may return to review the developments and predictions made by some.

This week's final posts will be about what I think the hard-line strategy will be as we draw closer to the end of the US embargo, and my own thoughts about what I envision to be a good solution to quelling the US/Cuba conflict. These future posts have already been researched, so they are just waiting to be posted, as much as I am anxious to take a break.

I want to say that the support I have received by some readers has been incredibly kind, and much appreciated. This blog served many purposes, and was a growing experience for me throughout. I hope that one lesson that can be drawn from this blog is the idea that regular people in the US can make the effort to understand very complex international issues, avoid those that wish to reduce (or force) its complexity to something conveniently simple, and be able to become an informed citizen capable of independently taking a political position, and even changing position if so necessary.

In essence, to be free.


Rick said...

Wow. I hate to say it but you-know-who is going to be very happy with this news. It's a shame because you're one of the few who has the gonads to take on the Neanderthals who roam the streets of Little Havana and other Miami-Dade environs.

Good luck to you.


Agustin Farinas said...

if we are to judge by the amount of commenters on you blog despite the huge amount of postings, you will not be missed my many folks on the blogsphere. Most of your postings have zero comments on them from either friend or foe.
Maybe is time you should dedicate your efforts to something more worthwhile and more in tune with your God given talents.
May I suggest a new biography of "President" Fidel Castro?

Mambi_Watch said...


Thanks for your kind support, from the first few posts of Mambi Watch to the last.

I wish you the best as well.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I have honored you with a farewell post at the Review of Cuban-American Blogs. I noticed that you had visited my blog yesterday and I did not want to disappoint you. It will be fun spotting you on other blogs in your old and new aliases.

Rick said...

Mambi: the fact that people are mentioning and, in at least one case, devoting an entire blog post to your departure, should give you evidence that what you had to say made an impact.

I also find that when my detractors spend their Christmas Days searching through my old blog posts, it's a good indication that I've hit a nerve. Watch your stats for a guy with an AOL ISP dropping by and routing through your past writings.

And take it as a compliment.


Fantomas said...
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Manuel A.Tellechea said...


So you consider me a "detractor?" A detractor is the guy who caused you to shut down SotP by insinuating your real identity. I could have done the same to you and Alex long before but I chose not to. I also could have have outed Mambo because he confessed his real identity to me 2 years ago (before he founded this blog) but I respected his desire for anonymity.

I always fight fair, Rick. I know that concept is alien to you. Right now, I am fighting you by ignoring your new blog. But, then, so is everybody else.

P.S: It's touching if rather pathetic to see that you are still looking for my ISP in your sitemeter log.

Rick said...

Oh, I'm sorry Manny. What ever made you think I was referring to you?

I didn't even mention your name.