Thursday, April 26, 2007

This isn't another Elian

José Miguel Insulza, Secretary General of the OAS, made news today on Radio Mambi. Radio Mambi read a news brief reporting that Insulza was calling for Luis Posada Carriles' extradition to Venezuela. Radio Mambi even went on to describe Insulza as a Marxist. This irrelevant characterization is most likely false, but no surprise coming from a radio station that defends Posada Carriles' violent history. According to Insulza's biography, he was part of a "moderate coalition of democratic parties" within Chile's Socialist Party. Currently, Chile's President, Michelle Bachelet also has similar political roots with Chile's Socialist Party.

The only news I could find that would explain why Radio Mambi would report this story today comes from China's "People's Daily Online." Otherwise, Insulza's comments are not really surprising. Insulza has made it clear many times that he supports Posada Carriles' extradition to Venezuela. He said it in 2005, and also said it last month.

Recently, Venezuela has petitioned the OAS and the UN to demand that both organizations support the extradition. Its very likely that both international bodies will support Venezuela's claims.

According to the UN's Counter-Terrorism Committee, the Security Council (including the US) unanimously approved a resolution (1373) the very same month of the September 11 attacks outlining specific guidelines to combat terrorism. One of those guidelines states that all nations will:

"Afford one another the greatest measure of assistance in connection with criminal investigations or criminal proceedings relating to the financing or support of terrorist acts, including assistance in obtaining evidence in their possession necessary for the proceedings"

The OAS also has a similar committee and resolutions calling for international cooperation when in comes to investigations of criminal charges related to terrorism. In 2006, the OAS adopted a resolution called "Extradition and Denial of Safe Haven to Terrorists"[PDF]. It clearly states that OAS members will uphold:

"in particular the applicable provisions regarding the provision of mutual legal assistance and the extradition of anyone participating in the planning, preparation, financing, or commission of terrorist acts or, where appropriate, the attempted commission of said offenses."

The case of Luis Posada Carriles is really beginning to heat up. Way beyond the Elian Gonzalez case ever could.


Manuel A.Tellechea said...

Insulza is a Marxist and an ally of Fidel Castro's. When Allende was removed Insulza took refuge in East Germany along with Bachelet and her entire family. Yes, great democrats all, and their idea of democracy was East Germany. Too bad for you that it doesn't exist any more. You too would have been very happy there.

daniel said...

Yo Manuel what happened to your blog?

Mambi_Watch said...

Mr. Tellechea,

I'm not a Marxist, nor a Socialist.

Insulza is a self-proclaimed Socialist, like many politicians in Chile.

According to Insulza's biography from the OAS and Wikipedia, Insulza was exiled in Rome, then Mexico. NOT East Germany.

You are correct of Bachelet being exiled in East Germany, as other current Chilean Socialist politicians were and met. They received help from one of East Germany's political parties.

Yet, Bachelet was also exiled in Australia first, not East Germany. East Germany was not a first choice. Also many exiled Chileans were already committed Socialists, so their time in East Germany is quite irrelevant.

Once again Mr. Tellechea, I am to assume that you are a liar. Please provide the evidence that Insulza was exiled in East Germany.

Mambi_Watch said...

Here's my sources:

Wikipedia bios:


Manuel A.Tellechea said...

"You are correct of Bachelet being exiled in East Germany, as other current Chilean Socialist politicians were and met. They received help from one of East Germany's political parties." — Mambo Watcher

Are you daft or do you think I am? Bachelet "received aid from from one of East Germany's political parties." There was only one party in East Germany — the Communist Party. And the help that Bachelet received was from the Stassi.

So you are not a Marxist or a Socialist? I never said you were. But you are certainly a fellow traveller.

Mambi_Watch said...

Mr. Tellechea,

Your comments from your first post need to be addressed. Please provide evidence for your commentary and allegations. Otherwise I see no need to discuss anything further.